Code Replacements

With the advent of digital photography, there is now a plethora of images floating around in varying states of process. Whether whiling their time on cards, squirreled away on a myriad of digital devices, or […]

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Photography Ethics

With the advancement of “fake news” and the proliferation of cameras in most digital devices, ethics in photography is more important today as it has ever been. And, coupled with the various different “types” of […]

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My Workflow

Now that you have shot your assignment, you need to take care of all those images. It’s not just a matter of cropping, adjusting the sharpness, and otherwise manipulating the images. You need to archive […]

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On Assignment

I am heading out today to shoot the Kingsville Folk Music Festival. It is a three-day event near the shore of Lake Erie in Ontario’s deep south. This will be just a one-day shoot for […]

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The Holy Trinity: ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed

Any introduction to photography must begin with the discussion of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. They’re the three most important settings over which a photographer has the most control. They’re also the most responsible for […]

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Getting Started

As with anything, getting started in photography begins with a conscious decision to embark on what could become a life-changing endeavour. While growing up, I was exposed to more than just the photography seen in […]

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